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Read-Only Git Access Available

posted by Stephan Brumme

What Is Git ?!

If you don't know git grab one of tutorials on the web.

Using My Git Repositories

I added a git repository to these projects on that already came with a big yellow download button, e.g.:

git clone

You have read-only access via http and any push will produce an error message.
Whenever I update my projects (bugfixes, enhancements, ...), you can get the latest version:
# update local repository git pull
Unfortunately, not all repositories start with "version 1" because I lost some of the early source revisions.

How To Add Git Repositories To Your Website

The workflow is actually pretty simple.
# go to the project directory cd crc32 # create repository, will be stored in .git sub-directory git init # prepare files for the repository git add Crc32.cpp git add Crc32.ino git add Crc32Best.ino # of course you can use wild-cards, too # commit these added files git commit -m "version 1" # add web server's URL git remote add origin # compress repository git gc --aggressive
Now you can use your good old FTP program to copy the full .git sub-directory to your web server - just like you would copy HTML files. Done !

Note: A more sophisticated approach is to clone the repository from your local machine to your web server. However, if you are on a shared hoster then chances are good that git is disabled. Therefore I suggest you stick with FTP.