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Windows 7 Screenshots

posted by Stephan Brumme

Screenshots and Aero

I ran Windows XP for many, many years and skipped Vista. After switching to Windows 7, I had problems taking screenshots because the background shines through the semi-transparent window borders of Windows 7's Aero user interface.

Below is my OpenCL tool Clein in front of my blog. Pressing Alt-Print gives undesired results - while the screenshot on the right side is how it should look:

Obviously, the right screenshot looks much better ... it has a proper shadowing and the rounded corners look great, too. My only complaint is the missing focus: the Device tab header has no dashed border and the close button (the X in the upper right corner) is blue instead of red.


Shotty is the great freeware tool used to get the improved screenshots. It comes with a basic image editor and lots of online features which I don't need at all. Quite important to me is its astonishing PNG compressor - it's often superior to PNGOUT.

A portable version of Shotty is available, too. Give it a try.